Adobe Lightroom 1.1, Part III...

I know that this is my third post on Adobe Lightroom (pretty amazing math skills, huh?), but it is such a great tool for photographers and there is new stuff available on an almost daily basis, and I just want to keep my Lightroom buddies informed.

But before I give you the new links, let me share another reason why I think Lightroom is such a cool tool.

When I shoot a wedding there can easily be 4 cameras involved (2 of mine and 2 from a second shooter) and a problem I’ve always had is getting the images from all 4 cameras into correct chronological order. Many programs will sort files by date but NOT by hour (or even minute and seconds). Manually syncing some 1400-2000 images is a HUGE task (and a huge pain in the buttocks).

Well, I imported my last wedding into Lightroom and TA DAH! Every image was in the correct order. So before you go out and shoot with multiple cameras, be sure to sync up their dates and times.

I love Lightroom and would give a full mouth kiss to every one of its developers to prove it.


here are some more great Lightrooom links:

1. Inside Lightroom (same name but different website than the one mentioned in my first Lightroom post) has more than just a few articles, tutorials and getting started guides.

2. George Jardine on Lightroom and Digital Photography is a site you do not want to miss.

3. And be sure to visit Adobe on

thanks for the emails of support, please keep them coming!

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Nick said...

Did you know it's possible to time-shift pictures in Lightroom. I had to use this a few times. First, make sure you know how much the clocks are apart. Easiest to do this is to make a picture of eachother at exactly the same time. Then you select all pictures made by one camera (use the filter options in Lightroom for this), and choose Metadata > Edit Capture Time.
Now you can use the option Adjust To A Specified Date And Time to shift all selected pictures by a number of minutes and seconds. So this option does not adjust all pictures to 1 date/time, but shifts them all accordingly. Works great, it's so much better to have all pictures in perfect chronological order.