Another camera club beauty...

I love black & white and here is a great representation of that.

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This is another image I came across while visiting camera club websites, it was shot by Ron Parker of the Sierra Camera Club (Sacramento, CA).

The image, "Capital, Fireman’s Fund Building, San Francisco, 1914", is a model copy of the original that was erected in San Francisco (you can see the original here) and was taken at Gladding, McBean Pottery in Lincoln, California. They specialize in architectural terra cotta and Ron referred to their facility as a "candy shop of B&W images".

Ron was there attending a photography workshop sponsored by the Viewpoint Photographic Art Center.

The image was captured using a Fuji Provia 100F with only the ambient morning light. The resulting slide was scanned at 4000 DPI on a Nikon 9000D, converted to B&W with Photoshop and Ron then applied further manipulation (with Photoshop) after the conversion.

A bit about Ron - he is a retired engineer and photographs old buildings, old barns, and old bridges (the theme here appears to be "old"). He particularly enjoys black & white photography but will use any excuse to escape to the country with his wife, Sandy, even if it means he has to photograph landscapes in color.


Thank you for sharing this image Ron, I am sure others will appreciated it as much as I do.

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