The outstanding photography of others...

Putting together our camera club database has sent me to a lot of club websites (so far, well over 600), in the course of visiting these sites I have seen some incredible work that I would like to share with you.

This photograph was taken by Marcus Brammer of the Fort Worth Camera Club (Texas).

"The Tail dragger" was taken at sunrise at the Alliance Airport in Fort Worth.

Marcus shot the image in RAW using a Cannon 5D with 17-40mm lens at 17mm focal length, f4.0, iso 400, at 1/100s exposure, hand held with polarizer filter.

Post production work was done in Lightroom using a tip learned from Matt Kloskowski, Surreal Edgy Effect, it and a lot of other great Lightroom information can be found at Lightroom Killer Tips.

Marcus has been taking pictures for around 20 years and has really been getting into it big time over the last 2 years, ever since he joined the Fort Worth Camera Club.

Well done Marcus.

Click in the image to see a larger version.

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