Calling all camera clubs...

We are often asked by readers if we know of a camera club in their local area, so we've undertaken the herculean task of putting together a national database of the camera clubs, one that will include the clubs in all 50 states.

It is almost complete (as far as we know) but wanted to put it out there for our readers to contribute to, if you are a camera club or know of one, please let us know so we can be sure to have it in our list.

Be sure to send us the following:

1. Club Name
2. Club State
3. Meeting Place
4. Meeting Day(s)
5. Number of Club Members
6. Contact Person/Email Address

Camera clubs are a great place to learn, to network, and to make new friends. I have always found them to br friendly and inclusive.

Once the list is complete, club information will be available by request, we'll have a link where folks can request information for clubs that are (geographically) close to them. Otherwise those who names cannot be spoken will simply steal the list and bombard the clubs with Viagra spam.

So be sure to send us your club info and we promise only share it with those who are truly looking for it.

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