Canon Blogger has featured a Nikon shooter!...



Jason Anderson of Canon Blogger was kind enough to feature me on todays "Thursday Thoughts".

Jason is a great resource for anyone interested in photography, his blog is extremely informative and regularly features thoughtfully prepared tips and tutorials.

You should give Canon Blogger a well deserved spot in your favorites.

Thanks Jason for making me look better than I am.


Michael Palmer said...

nice interview

Kevin Mullins Photography said...

Its a great interview. Jason is a great resource, and as a Canon shooter, its good to get the views of Nikon shooters too. Cheers. Kevin

Scott said...


Thanks for your kind words… and for reading my blog.

I just wanted to make sure you (and others) know that when I make comments about Canon and Nikon it is always done tongue in cheek, humor intended.

Canon vs. Nikon is not something I take very seriously.

And last I checked Canon is #1 in sales while Nikon is #2.



Jason Anderson said...

It was absolutely a pleasure to have Scott on the blog today. Thanks so much for taking the time to stop over and visit with me! A lot of people really enjoyed it!

Anonymous said...

what a hottie!

Scott said...

Mom, what have I told you about writing comments on my blog!