I know I just threw props out to these folks a month ago, but man, I have just spent the last hour and a half going over their work and it's freaking amazing!

Not only are the images outstanding, their use of flashes is unequaled. All done in the fast paced environment of a wedding and reception.

Once you understand light it is possible to deconstruct how they do things, but Sol Tamargo & Matt Adcock don't even make you think, they give you all of the particulars of the image. ISO, shutter speed, flash placement, light modifiers, whatever was done to create the image they share with us the readers.

I have a HUGE crush on them.

Maybe I shouldn't be writing blog posts after I've had a couple glasses of port.


But seriously, looking at their work strips away the boundaries of what I thought was possible, and makes me realize there are no boundaries.

Go check out and realize the possibilities.

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