Winter images from one of our readers...

Mark Pellegrino was kind enough to share some of his recent winter images with us (and you).

From Mark:

"I was just checking out some of your cool winter photos and thought I would share some I took a few weeks ago in the Adirondacks at a Carl Heilman workshop. We received about 10 inches of snow that day and conditions were blinding. One of the exercises was to just stand on the deck of the house and see what we could come up with.

We experimented with a technique where we used a long shutter speed (1/3s) and held the shot by hand for the first 2/3rds of the shot and then droping the camera down towards the snow for the final 1/3 of the shot. The effect can be seen in the pictures. It brings the snow up into the trees almost creating a snowy-mist and blurring portions of the picture.

Credit to Carl Heilman for showing me this. It creates a pretty cool, almost oil painting effect with the snow and the trees. The point is, no matter how bad the light and the weather is, if you are creative you can come up with something interesting so the day isn't a waste."

Nice work Mark, and thanks for sharing. You can check his previous work posted on this blog, and be sure to check out his website.

If you have images you would like to share on this blog (winter or otherwise) feel free to drop us an email.

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Michael Palmer said...

this is a cool technique...

digital photo retouching said...

what beautiful and abstract results!

Miguel Palaviccini said...

Pretty neat technique. I'm happy to learn some of these. I've done zooming in/out during a long exposure and have twisted the camera during long exposures to get some neat results. But, I've never heard of this before

Now ... if only it would snow in Florida.