10 Resolutions every photographer should make...

I came across a blog post by Lisa Bettany "10 New Years Resolutions Every Photographer should make" and thought she hit the nail right on the head.

Here are the first three:

1. I will learn how to use my camera.

This seems like an obvious point, but we are all guilty of skipping our camera manual and just fiddling with settings. Ah, this one works right? Spot-metering? Why not. Hey, what does
that button do? Seems to make things darker. Hmm.

I’m going to admit something to you that I ask you to keep hush-hush. I haven’t actually read my 5DMKII manual. I know. Horrible! I’m guilty of arbitrary button pushing and royally messing up shots because I don’t really know how to use my camera. Let’s all become technical experts of our cameras this year. Deal?

2. I will not use the Auto setting on my camera.

Instead of relying on your camera’s dubious Auto settings, force yourself to learn how to use manual settings. Upgrade to Aperture priorty mode (AV) first. Once you understand Depth of Field, jump into Manual mode. You will make mistakes and feel frustrated when you completely blow-out a shot, but this is the way we learn. Don’t get discouraged by your mistakes. Learn from them and push on!

3. I will not use on-camera flash

The only photos you should take with an on-camera flash are ones that end up on your Facebook wall of shame. Tape down that pop-up flash if you have to. Instead rely on your skills as a photographer to capture shots in low-light.

Shoot with a wide-open aperture, as low as your lens will go. Decrease your shutter speed & increase your ISO. Steady your camera on a tripod, gorilla pod or table top. Invest in a good lens. I suggest the 50mm f/1.4 or the f/1.8 if you are on a budget.

Now you have to head over to her blog and read the entire article.

You'll find other good posts at "Mostly Lisa" and I bet you'll bookmark her site before you leave.


Amy Rader said...

I downloaded my Canon 5DMII manual onto my iphone. It's so great that it's with me wherever I go. The app cost $2.99.

half blind said...

I tried to read my Lumix GF1 manual but kept falling asleep. I bought another book by David Busch which is really good. I'm trying to read it from cover to cover, but it sure is fun. Btw, I went over to Lisa's site and read the complete list of resolutions. It's a nice insight to read what the pros are thinking about.

Miguel Palaviccini said...

I absolutely agree with #4: I will not be hindered by the gear I do not have. It's hard not to do ... I mean, all the pros take great pictures and they have expensive gear ... so I need expensive gear to take great pictures right? Instead of spending 2-3 hours looking at some of the pro gear online (I've been known to do this), dedicate this time to go out ans shoot or work on your images. It's going to teach you so much more!

Thanks for posting this, I'll be using it for my 2011 resolutions.