DIY Beauty Dish...

Below is our latest video showing the DIY beauty dish I made for well under $20.

The link to my original post on making your own beauty dish can be found here.

Here are some links to some other plans as well that you may find helpful:

1. David Tejada plans

2. Plans from Light & Pixels

3. One I found in Flickr

4. From Isaac Lane Koval

5. Plastic Bucket Beauty Dish

6. Turkey Pan Beauty Dish

7. Turkey Pan Beauty Dish II (the return of the Gobbler!)

8. DIY Beauty Dish For Alien Bees

Here's the video, if you can not view it just follow this link to watch it on YouTube.

Here are two sample images I took this morning to demonstrate the kind of light I got from my DIY beauty dish. Click on either image to view larger and in a new window.

The first image was shot with an SB-800 using the Sto-Fen style diffuser that comes standard with it. Notice the harshness of the light and the sharp distinct shadows.

This image was shot with my beauty dish, the light is more diffuse, the shadows much softer, resulting in a better picutre.


Jason Anderson said...

Great post - and another project I want to do as well...DIY is always a lot of fun! :)

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