An exciting big time announcement!...

This is blog post number 500 and I did not want such a milestone event to be just a ho-hum post, so here's the news.

We are giving away the 2009 Weekly Photo Tips product of the year!

That's right, the entire package could be yours, here's and excerpt from the original post:

"The Evolution Collection with FLO is the most complete "studio in a box" that you can get and contains enough information (16 gigabytes of how to videos, templates, actions, presets, edges, overlays, marketing tips, workflow techniques, forms, price lists, relationship building with vendors and clients, fund raisers, and so, so much more...) that if you use the information contained on the 4 DVD's you will be assured of success."

You can read the entire post here.

But there's a catch, I'm not quite sure how to give it away, I don't want to have another photo contest, been there done that, got the t-shirt.

Perhaps an essay of some sort?

This is where you come in, I hope you the readers will give me your input on what would be the most interesting, fairest way to give this studio changing product to one very lucky reader.

So leave a comment here or drop me an email with your idea of how to drop this into the lap of a deserving photographer.


Anonymous said...

I like the essay idea.

Amy Rader said...

I think you should have an essay contest on why or how "Weekly Photography Tips" had impacted your photography, business, and life in general!

CMurray said...

Congrats on post #500!
Hmm... ideas
- use a randomized drawing
- sumbit photos for a topic (like the number 500) and choose from the best one
- share how a tip from your blog helped you & pick the best one.

Pamela at Looking Glass Studios said...

Congratulations, Scott, on post #500! It would be nice to commemorate the event by asking folks to choose which of the 500 posts was their favorite and include a little ditty explaining why. Not only will it be great for you to see what really spoke to people, but perhaps it can help you with the next 500 to come! :)

Carson Calderwood said...

Random so I don't get my feelings hurt ;-)