Do you shoot with the Nikon D5100?

We had a new book dropped on our doorstep last night, Peachpit Press was kind enough to send us the just published "Nikon D5100: From Snapshots to Great Shots" by Rob Sylvan.

I could review it myself but I don't shoot the Nikon D5100 and think a better, more thorough review would be done by someone who actually shoots with that camera.

So if you shoot with the D5100 and would be interested in reviewing "Nikon D5100: From Snapshots to Great Shots" on Weekly Photo Tips please drop us an email. I will put all the names of those who email us into a hat and randomly select one person to send the book to.

If you are the "lucky winner" the book will be yours to keep and the only thing we ask is that you follow our review policy.

If the name of the author seems familiar it should, he's a NAPP help desk specialist, an instructor for the Perfect picture School of Photography, and the host of Peachpit’s Lightroom Resource Center.

Rob has also been on Weekly Photo Tips in the past, I had the pleasure of reviewing his book "Taking Stock" (which was excellent) and he was the featured speaker this past May at the Maine Photographers Coalition.

So send us an email if you shoot the Nikon D5100 and good luck to everyone who enters.

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