The one, the only, Mr. Dave Hill...

I was made aware of this video via Strobist and was so blown away I wanted to make sure you folks saw it.

From Dave - "All 11 images of the Adventure Series are deconstructed. I had to flatten a lot of the layers, but at least you can get an idea of what goes into each image."

Check this out:

Here is a link to our post on creating the "faux" Dave Hill look.

(subscribers will need to follow this link to see the video on Dave's Vimeo channel)


Anonymous said...

That's pretty cool! It gives me lots of ideas and when I produce one, I'll send it on to you.

How come you are so hip and you live in BidFid??

Malcolm... masshole

Scott said...

Looking forward to it Malcolm, and no, not that hip... it is illusion perpetrated by the internet.

Just ask my daughters.