Just 36 hours left on this great deal...

I have NEVER given the gift of photography (prints, canvas, books, etc.) and not had it be a rousing success (and on occasion help get me out of the dog house), which is why I try to share deals with other photographers as I learn of them.

Here is another.

Groupon is offering $115 worth of custom-designed photo books from Photobook America for just $35, that's a 70% savings!

The catch is you have just 36 hours to follow this link and get in on the savings.


Marc said...

Hi Scott, I've been eyeing this deal for a while. Have you bought photo books from these guys before? Any comments on quality compared to other photo books producers?

Also, are you on Twitter?

Scott said...

Hey Marc,

I did buy one this time around but have not used them before so can't speak to their quality. Have tried a couple book folks in the past, stuff was good but did not "blow me away" which is what I am hoping for this time.

I have signed up for twitter but done nothing with it as of yet. At the risk of sounding really really old (and stupid), why should I use it? What would it offer to my readers than would be different than what I am doing now?

Thanks for coming by.


Marc said...

Hey Scott, thanks for the info. Have you tried photo books from prodpi or whcc?

Twitter... it's really what you make of it. Simply, I came across your site on Twitter. Being there just gives you another avenue to share your work and connect with other people.

Scott said...


I have not tried either, but friends have and liked them, they are a bit pricey (if I remember correctly) which kept me from giving them a go.

Thanks for the twitter info, looks like I have some homework to do.


Marc said...

I use whcc for my clients. The quality is amazing!