First photo challenge images are in...

We received the first images for our (first) photo challenge and you will find them posted on our Facebook album "things I have grown".

Noel McCarthy, who writes the "Blog of Good Cheer" was the first person to send in his images, way to go Noel.

I am slightly jealous of Noel as he lives in a place I have always wanted to visit, Ireland (insert really big sigh here).

Please join us by emailing us your image (please keep the size to 300k or under) and we will add it to our Facebook album.

Though the rules are few, you can find all of the  details here.

1 comment:

Noel McCarthy said...

Wow, first, how cool is that!

I'm sure you're going to get many more images arriving but I admit seeing one of my photos highlighted in your post is a absolute thrill.

Many thanks.

BTW - Ireland is well worth a visit, stunning scenery, friendly people, but you might need rain jacket now and then. :-)