Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My absolute favorite ball head...

Of the ball heads I own, this pistol style ball head is the one I use (and love) the most.

One of the things I am so fond of is the ability adjust your cameras position quickly and with a single hand, I have a very nice (very expensive) traditional style ball head and when adjusting your camera you have to hold/support your camera with one hand while you loosen and tighten knobs with the other.

Let's face it. there are situations when we are shooting that time IS critical and this pistol ball head makes fast easy adjustments... squeeze, adjust your camera position, release, done.

Now I share this tidbit of information with you not because I think that my ball head likes & dislikes are all that interesting, it's because you can get this on sale for a phenomenally low price of just $34 (with free shipping).

Not sure how long it will be on sale, so if you are interested don't dottle.


Helene said...

Way back on March 25 you featured a Manfrotto tripod. I couldn't resist and am thrilled I grabbed it. Absolutely love it and I believe I will feel the same about this pistol ball head. I have one that I'm extremely unhappy with but, reading through the reviews on Adorama, I think this will be a winner. Thanks for the 'heads up!'

Garry Jones said...

Hey sounds great.

Helene said...

I've had this a month and FINALLY got to use it. It is exactly as you said it was...quick and easy to use. Love it! And thank you!