Canvas on Demand offers you don't want to miss...

Several times a year Groupon offers this great deal, a 16" x 20" gallery wrap from Canvas on Demand for just $45 (it even includes free shipping).

There has been more than one post here on Weekly Photo Tips about why I LOVE Canvas on Demand (and have them hanging all over my house) and why I recommend them so highly to others (you can read some of those posts here, here, and here).

The normal price for a 16" x 20" canvas wrap is $127, so $45 represents a 65% savings (and is a far better price than I can get with my pro account).

You can get three different sizes:

    $45 for a 16"x20"x1.5" (retails for $126.95)
    $52 for a 20”x24”x1.5” (retails for $149.95)
    $75 for a 24”x36”x1.5” (retails for $202.95)

An interesting fact I learned from Earl Christie was that a canvas print has a slightly wider color range than all other prints, so you will actually see more color and more details, especially in the blacks.

So sign up for Groupon and grab this great deal before it's gone (as of this posting there is just 36 hours left in this deal)!

I have given canvas prints many times as gifts and I am sure someone in your life would love to receive one of your photographs on canvas.

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Miguel Palaviccini said...

I've been waiting on this deal and I knew you would be the one to tell us!