Review of the Ruck Strap camera strap from HoldFast...

It seems like forever ago that I did the "unboxing" of the Ruck Strap camera strap from the good people (Mathew Swaggart) over at HoldFast.

And I have never done a joint review before, so today will be our first.

The UPS truck often stops at my front door, dropping off boxes of very cool camera gear, and never before has one of my daughters shown an interest in any of it (actually just the opposite, their eyes glaze over, a bit of drool from the corner of their mouth), but as soon as Katie saw the Ruck Strap her eyes shot open and she started asking questions, ending with "can I try this", to which I said "sure, but you have to write something about it".

So here is Katie's review of the Ruck Strap (and I will follow with a few words of my own).

"This camera strap is not only the coolest looking, but it is extremely comfortable too! It has two pockets in the front for my memory cards and two elastics in the back for extra batteries, it attaches to your camera by adjustable leather straps and heavy metal buckles. It is so perfect for me (or any photographer) so my pockets aren’t full of and I'm not fumbling for batteries and memory cards. Which is great so I don’t have to carry my camera bag around. By just attaching the strap to the camera you can tell it is made out of quality and extremely durable materials (canvas, leather, and suede). 

I think another of my favorite things about the strap is the soft suede backing against my neck, not the silicone, which I understand is supposed to keep the strap (and my camera) from sliding around but really it just makes my neck sweaty (gross!) and pulls my hair. The Ruck Strap is perfect for any photographer."

It's a good thing I got to handle it first, because Katie is NOT giving the Ruck Strap back to me.

As I said during the unboxing, both the packaging materials and the care with which it was all put together were both amazing, I have never been more impressed with all of the thought and care that went into preparing a single item for shipping. 

I concur with Katie regarding the quality of materials used in this camera strap, I seriously doubt you will see it matched by other products... based strictly on quality, it it is one of the best things ever sent to me for review.

Combine that with the thoughtful design and clever layout (where you can carry your batteries and memory cards) and the Ruck Strap is clearly a winner.

Lastly, I shoot weddings with a Nikon D3, so we are talking a very long day with a heavy beast of a camera, and the Ruck Strap was just as comfortable at the end of the day as it was in the beginning. And you will NEVER have to worry about your strap coming loose from your camera.

So what do we have here, a camera strap that is comfortable (with even long use), you have camera security, you have useful functionality... what more can you ask for, seriously?

The Ruck Strap is not the least expensive camera strap you will ever buy, but in my humble opinion it will be the best one you ever attach to your camera.


Brenda Sison said...

Thanks for the review on the Ruck Strap! Never heard of it till now and I want one! lol
Brenda Sison

Shahana Shafiuddin said...

Looks useful

Kimberly N. Linthicum said...

Looks amazing to see this here .