An accidental photo shoot…

Since Weekly Photo Tips first started back in 2007 we've received well over 100 packages containing photo gear for review and I have never EVER done an "unboxing" before, for no particular reason other than I just never found cardboard, packing tape, and bubble wrap to be all that interesting.

That all changed on Monday.

That's the day my Ruck Strap camera strap arrived from Hold Fast Gear.

The first thing I noticed when I picked up the package were the markings on the outside of the box, I thought "hey, that's cool" but when I cracked open the box I knew I had to stop, grab my camera, and document the grand unboxing.

The deeper I got into the box the more impressed I became with the thought and care that went into the packaging of a single camera strap.

These are the images I grabbed as I made my way to the Ruck Strap.

Keep in mind this is not our review of the camera strap, that will follow later, but for now I will say that as impressive as the packaging was, the Ruck Strap blew that all away.

(click on any image to view larger)


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