You just never know...

Nope, you just never know when the opportunity to take some cool pictures will come along.

My friend Kern over at the podcast Home Recording Weekly called to tell me he was doing an interview with the rapper Spose and wanted to know if I could come shoot a few images... heck ya!

Of course my daughter Molly is a big Spose fan so I had to bring her along as my "assistant", and Spose could not have been nicer to her, engaging her in conversation and autographing a CD specifically for her.

So I grabbed of a few shots during the interview (and one after):

And also took the opportunity to grab some "stock" images for Kern to use on his website.


Kern said...

You could not have been nicer Scott! Great day, great time, great job!

James A. Otten said...

So much thanks for this post here guy .