Today is a (late) Flickr Wednesday...

On Flickr Wednesday we usually feature images from just one photographer in our Flickr group, but today we are going to show images from a handful of our readers/photographers.

Click on any of the images to view larger, trust me, it's worth it to see them larger..


"Cerritos Star Storm"

"Bar Harbor"


"Pleasure Pier"


"Ghost Tube"

"Harlan J. Smith Milkyway Pano"

This last image was really quite interesting and this is how it was created - with colorful papers, under a glass jar filled with some water and oil. And it's perfectly titled.   ;)

"And now something completely different"

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LPK said...

An excellent and diverse gallery of images. Well done, everyone!

Brandi A. Jackson said...

How nice this lotus and the Silhouette both are more nice to me from others .