Season 2, episode 1 of The Photography Podcast...

Erik Almas on Weekly Photo Tips  

Welcome to season two, episode one of The Photography Podcast.

Today we are proud to announce that we are giving away 100% of our affiliate sales, do a quick review (more like a gushing) of the Scott Kelby iPad App Light It, and finish with an interview with commercial photography Erik Almas.

So here we go, and in order:

1. For awhile now we have been giving away 50% of all of our affiliate sales to support two food banks and one soup kitchen here in southern Maine, but have decided that these projects (and all the families that they support) need this money far more than we do. So if you are looking for photography gear if you buy it using our Adorama affiliate links you will get great prices, equally as good customer service and will be helping those who are truly in need.

 2. We have been Scott Kelby for some time and we love his iPad App since its inception, there are many things to love about it and you can find on iTunes, on the web, and I would strongly suggest you check our our originally review on Weekly Photo Tips. Not only can you read all the details of what makes it a great resource for photographers, you'll also how to get two complete issues for free.

Scott Kelby on Weekly Photo Tips

3. And finally, our interview with photographer extraordinaire Erik Almas. Our interviewer is a guest as well, it's Mike Bowker, studio manager and digital retouch artist of the studios of Irvin Serrano.

Mike has been a big fan of Erik and also wrote the outstanding review of Erik's DVD "Aspects of Image Making". You can read the entire review over at the blog. Here are just a few shots from Erik's gallery, you will really want to visit his website and check out more of his stunning work.

 Click on any of these images to view larger.

Surveyor on Weekly Photo Tips 

I thoroughly enjoyed listening to this interview and am sure you will as well and hope you enjoy episode 11 as much as we enjoyed making it for you.

You can listen to the podcast below, or head over to The Photography Podcast.


Phyllis F. Block said...

This flying biman looks more nice . Cut Out Image

Robert Smith said...

Everything is so beautiful. I like all of these pictures