More good news from Adobe...

Adobe has announced a new tool within Photoshop called "Shake Reduction", a phenomenal tool for those photographs taken in low light situations.

This will be life saver for wedding photographers who regularly have to shoot in those dark, poorly lit churches and reception halls.

The only question I have (for now) is will "Shake Reduction" be added to the current version of Photoshop, or the version upcoming.

I have my fingers crossed for the current version option.

Check out the 45 second video below for a demonstration of shake reduction in action.

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MitchPix said...

I am pretty certain it will be included with the Adobe Creative Cloud version to encourage peole to sign up and those that want the 'box' version will have to wait for CS7

Scott said...

That's not at all what I wanted to hear Mitch...


But thanks for letting me know, and taking the time to come by the blog.

Mary Real said...

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