"Secret" Nikon D800 firmware update...

I often visit the Nikon Download Center to check for Software and firmware updates, and I go there for two reasons.

Reason one, if you use Nikon software (View NX, Capture NX, etc.) and use the "check for updates" option within the software you are using chances are really good that it will respond by telling you that there are no updates available when in fact there are, so I check "manually".

Reason two, if there is a firmware update for my cameras I want to know it and apply it sooner rather than later. It's not uncommon to see a firmware update for a new camera in the months following its release, so I was surprised that I haven't seen a firmware update for the Nikon D800.

But for some reason this weekend when I checked and saw that it was the same firmware version (A 1.00/B 1.02) I decided to click on it anyway, low and behold there is a new Firmware version (A 1.01/B 1.02 released 4/2/13).

Before folks start emailing me, I know its not meant to be a "secret" update, it's simply an error on the main page, I just wanted to let all of you Nikon D800 (and D800E) users know there is a firmware update available for your camera and you can get it right here.

And for ALL Nikonians out there, you might want to bookmark these pages, the Nikon Software Download Center, which is where you will find software updates, free software, and free trials and the Nikon Firmware Page, is where you'll find updates for Speedlights, DSLR's, and most other Nikon hardware.

One last link you might be interested in is the Nikon Support Center, you'll find the links to download all available manuals in PDF format.


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