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It's that time of the month... the day when you have just 24 hours to download the free PSD from the "Ten Collection", this month the image is from Marumiyan.

What is Ten Collection? Well, it's 10 Artists - 10 Countries - 10 PSDs done over 10 Months.

So each month they feature 1 image (free PSD) from a single artist, along with an interview with that artist.

I love downloading these PSD files and "deconstructing" the images and this is image deconstruction at its very best.

This months image must of close to one hundred different layers.

Not only do you get the PSD, you are also free to use much of it, here are the use rights from their site (in part): "You can use the different layers for professional purposes, except the ones in red, which represent images from the Fotolia image bank."

Here is the "Ten Collection" schedule for the rest of this year:

* Friday, May 10th - Mike Harrison (England)
* Monday, June 10th - Alexander Otto (Germany)
* Wednesday, July 10th - Alexey Samsonov (Russia)
* Friday, August 9th - Secret special edition (USA)
* Tuesday, September 10th - Sergio Del Puerto (Spain)
* Thursday, October 10th - Alberto Seveso (Italy)
* Friday, November 8th - Peter Jaworowski (Poland)
* Tuesday, December 10th - Secret special edition #2 (France)

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Douglas M. Myers said...

Very wonderful to see this . Like it .