Review of Scott Kelby's "Light It"...

I don't usually take a year and a half to review a product, but when I first downloaded (and subscribed) to iPad App/magazine "Light It" from Scott Kelby it was something I did just for me.

But I have found it such a worthwhile learning opportunity I wanted to makes sure ALL of our readers were aware of it.

First the technical side of it: It's probably one of the coolest Apps on my iPad, a lot of time was spent making sure the functionality met the needs of its readers, photographers. I love the ease and options when moving around the magazine or within a given article. And it may sound odd but one of the features I really like is the advertisements, if there is something that looks interesting I can tap it, visit the website to get more information and details, and as soon as I close it out I am brought right back to where I was before I left.

Not only can I bookmark articles, I can also write all the notes I want on it.

Second, the cost: Light It is published 8 times a year, the App itself is free and you can either buy only the issues that are of interest to you ($2.99 each) or you can subscribe for the entire year for ($19.99 - $2.50 an issue).

Third, the content: It only has one subject, LIGHTING!, and though both studio lighting and off-camera flash is covered, there seems to be a heavier emphasis on off-camera flash.

You will find photographers like Joe McNally, Zack Arias, Joel Grimes, Frank Doorhof, Nicole Young, and many others (and Scott Kelby himself).

What will you find? Just about anything you can imagine photographing, portraits, weddings, food, real estate, lots of discussion about lighting... I could go on but I think you get the point.

Three of my favorite (and regular) columns are "Gear Watch" where I will find what new products are available (or soon to be), "Do It Yourself" with Larry Becker (this month Larry shows you how to make a Speedlight beauty dish), and "Closing Shot" which you will find on the very last page of each issue and is a stunning image of an up and coming photographer.

If I could only have one photography publication, it would be Light It, hands down.

But you don't have to listen to me ramble on about my love for this magazine, head over to iTunes, download the free App, and then download two free issues, the premier issue and the "Best of 2012" (both are the full issues), and discover for yourself why I think every photographer should give this to themselves as a gift.


photography by anika alonzo said...

oh, thanks for the tip :)

Paul M said...

If only that had an Android version ....

Gareth O'Neill Photography said...

Yes, this looks awesome and I'd really like to sign up, but I don't have an i-pad. I guess it's just another reason to get one.

Jason Joseph said...

Hey everyone, I just want to point out that the Android version is currently under development! In fact Light It Editor R.C. Concepcion posted just a few short weeks ago( Jan 15th to be exact )a glimpse of the magazine running ON an android tablet! They are working on it so stay tuned!
~Jason Joseph

LPK said...

Congrats on the shout out on Kelby's blog. I haven't looked at this app, but I do have the Lightroom app, which is excellent.
Great review! I hope you have more reviews on the way. All the best digging out from the storm.


Heather R. Oconnell said...

This is an excellent post . So much thanks for it here .