Can you say "3 plus feet of snow"?...

While I was watching our weather forecast Thursday night and first saw this screen I thought Joe was talking about temperatures, but as I started paying closer attention I realized he was talking about the predictive snowfall! 41 inches, seriously?

My first thought was "ya, right Joe"...

Well, so far Joe's been right on the money, the storm has unfolded exactly as he predicted, as of this writing we have received just over 29 inches of snow and we're expecting another 6 - 10 inches before the storm ends this evening.

And it's been more than just the snow, we've had hurricane force winds (over 75mph) to go along with the snow (officially making it a blizzard), which will thankfully be ending with the snow.

There are spots in my yard where you can see grass and others where the snow is over my (4 foot) fence.

On one hand it's cool to be experiencing this historic storm as it unfolds, but on the other I was pretty much done with winter before this storm ever showed up.

To make myself feel better I think I'm going to spend the rest of the day starting my tomatoes.

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