And here they come (let spring begin)....

Despite the fact that it has been below freezing every day this week, my mailman has been kind enough to drop off seed catalog after seed catalog.

It's that one sign (for me) that winter is more behind us than in front of us.

In just a week or two I will be starting six or seven kinds of tomatoes, so that by the end of February I will have some good size seedlings that I'll be fawning over and will move from sunny window to sunny window throughout the day.

Then come the middle of July my neighbors will be lining up for the over abundance of tomatoes that will be coming out of my garden. Mmmm, mmmm, mmmm.

But for today I will have to settle for sitting near the pellet stove, thumbing through my catalogs, wondering if the centerfold will be a Beefsteak or a Cherry tomato, and hoping the thermometer pushes above freezing.


stacey said...

You made my day!! :)

Nicole R. Walker said...

Like these tomato . Specially tomato salad is my favorite .