More free stuff...

We have already started getting emails from folks about some freebies and I did not want to waste any time getting them to you.

Here are some links to software that is very handy for photographers.

1. You will find a pretty significant list of software applications here that you can use to manage the metadata for your images, the vast majority are free.

2. One piece of software for managing the metadata of your images not on the above list, but I love (and use) is ProStockMaster.

If you are not familiar with metadata, how it works, or how it can improve your visibility on the web, you might want to follow this link to Wikipedia for a good explanation.

3. This is a great piece of software that has nothing to do with photography, but if you don't want to hand over your wallet for a word processing, spreadsheet, office suite then head directly to Apache Open Office, there you will find a free , phenomenally robust, and fully compatible with the Microsoft Office products.

So please, keep your free ideas coming.


Steelsun said...

I prefer Libre Office to Open Office. They come from the same root, but Libre is community driven as opposed to OO (which is owned by a corp). Also Libre is more advanced and responsive.

Scott said...


Looks outstanding, I am downloading it right now!

Thanks for stopping by and for sharing this info.


Robert said...

I like Digikam for Linux. I just use it to transfer my work from my memory cards to computer, but it does so much more. I use Linux for everything but Photoshop, and Netflix. So I guess that's another piece of free software I like.

Denise F. Brookman said...

Looks just fabulous, Thanks .