The Weekly Photo Tips product of the year...

We went through ALL of the products we had the good fortune to get our hands on in 2012 and the one we thought gave you our readers the most value for both the cost paid for it and what it would bring to your photography practice was... drum roll please...

 The 3 day seminar "Lightweight Location Lighting" with Kevin Kubota was our hands down winner.

"Lightweight Location Lighting" is over 13 hours of photographic education that will give you the best possible lighting with the simplest of (low cost) setups.

If you want to see some incredible images shot with nothing but a couple of flashlights, you need to check out "Lightweight Location Lighting".

If you are looking for an outstanding educational opportunity without having to empty your wallet in the process be sure to check out our original review of Location Lighting with Kevin Kubota at this link


SReed said...

I purchased this educational series after you first mentioned it and provided the discount code. I strongly encourage anyone that is using or planning to use location lighting to invest in this series. Kevin cuts it to the point and shows a variety of ways to light a scene from multiple angles to achieve different looks. Thanks for the recommendation Scott!

Scott said...

Hey SReed,

Thanks for coming to the blog and taking the time to leave your comment, though I have to admit that as I started to read it I kind of held my breath.

My fear is that folks will spend their hard earned money to buy something that I recommended but end up hating it (and me).

Glad you liked it and that you got so much out of it.


Rose R. Wash said...

Thank you very much for shared these weekly photo tips product .