A $19 photography education worth more...

One of my favorite new food blogs is Pinch of Yum, and I like it for a bunch of reasons, the photography is great, the writing is sincere, and they do good things with their success.

One of the good things is that Lindsay and her husband Bjork (the driving forces behind Pinch of Yum) share with the world their traffic information in great detail, how much money the made, their revenue sources, and much more. They do this not to "show off" but to inspire others that they too can experience success, because they don't just say "here are our results", they share with their readers what they did to get those results.

And what do they do with their money? That's another good thing, they're using the money they make from their blog to fund an entire year abroad to work at the Children's Shelter of Cebu, an orphanage that provides homes for orphaned, abandoned, and surrendered children in the Philippines.

So if you are getting the impression I am a big fan of Lindsay, Bjork and The Pinch of Yum you're right. So I was excited to have the opportunity to review their new eBook "Tasty Food Photography".

PLEASE don't leave because you're not a food photographer, Tasty Food Photography is for anybody who would like to improve their photographic skills, their workflow, and their editing.

Here are just some of the high points.

1. Almost everything Lindsay talks about has an accompanying picture, so the reader is sure to understand visually exactly what she is talking about

2. There are no wasted words, if she says it, it's because it has purpose, it has value. There are no "filler" words to gain extra space in an effort to make the eBook seem bigger

3. Lots and lots of "before and after" pictures

4. Lindsay will also tell you what makes the "after" picture different

5. Not only do you get the eBook, but you will get over a dozen online instructional videos

6. It's written in a manner that is conversational, easy to understand, and easy to follow

7. It's thorough, from gear selection, setting up the shot, props, composition, lighting, editing, and more

And I could go on, but the bottom line is Tasty Food Photography is $19 VERY well spent.

Please take a moment to check out a Pinch of Yum, it will be worth your while, but be warned that you will leave hungry.

My Daughter and I have been going through Pinch of Yum looking at all of the food and making a list of the recipes we want to try.

We are trying to decide which one will be first, it's between the Hoisin Pork with Rice Noodles or Parmesan Chicken Fingers with Garlic Cheese Sauce.


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