More of the best of 2012...

That period of time from Christmas eve until January 2nd is a bit... well... disorienting (for me at least).

Actually, its more like being blinded folded, shoved into a washing machine on the spin cycle, and then told to get out and stand up straight.

Time and space is just not what it usually is, and though it was a great time, I am glad it's over and things will be returning to "normal".

So for the rest of this week we are going to look back over the past year and share the "best of" the year from around the net.

Today we are going to share the best of the Digital Photography School.

Here are the top 4 from their list "Our Best Photography Tutorials from 2012".

  • A 15 Minute Exercise To Help You Improve Your Photography in 2012

  • Fun with Macro Photography

  • 5 Tips To Transform Your Photography With Long Exposures

  • Silhouette Photography Technique

    You can check out the rest of the DPS list at this link.

    Another DPS post you will want to check out is their "Most Popular Photography ‘Gear’ Related Posts of 2012".

    We will finish this series with the "Weekly Photo Tips Best of 2012".


    LPK said...

    Scott, thank you for this blog and all the work you do to encourage and support fellow photographers at all skill levels. All the best in the New Year!

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