Flickr images from one of our readers...

I visit our Flickr page at least once a day, and when I saw these two images that had been added to the group by one of our members I knew right then that I wanted to share them on the blog.

There were two reason I wanted folks to see them:

First, I thought they were great shots.

Second, I also thought it was a excellent demonstration of how two images that are almost identical can look dramatically different by simply presenting one in color, and the other black and white.

These images are from Laurens Kaldeway and be sure to check out his Flickr stream because there is a lot of nice stuff posted there.


LPK said...

Scott, thanks for the encouragement once again. It's my birthday today, so your blog post is a wonderful gift.

Scott said...

Get out, it's your birthday?!?!

I keep an ongoing list of possible blog posts, today I had 5 or 6 on the list and this is the one I picked when I sat down to write.

It is amazing (to me) that I picked your images to post and it it's your birthday.


Meredith said...

Happy Birthday, LPK. Adorable photos.

Maryann [Maryann's*****Fotos] said...

Great shots. Thanks for calling our attention to them Scott.

Bessie W. Mathis said...

Looking beautiful . I appreciated your post .