Tuesday, January 22, 2013

A (really) must watch photography video...

Seriously, this really is a must watch, it is David Hobby (my self admitted photography crush) accepting the "Cheap Camera Challenge" in which he has to shoot with a Buzz Lightyear (toy) camera and a flash that describing it as a "turd" would be a significant upgrade.

Below is a two minute intro/preview, but you really want to head over the DigitalRev TV and watch the full 23 minute version of the challenge, watch as Mr. Hobby works through each of the 5 shooting challenges, see how he overcomes HUGE obstacles, and of course the final images.

Just a great example of problem solving.


Dave said...

Kind of kills those "I can't do my thing without a new XXXXX" excuses, doesn't it!

Scott said...


You could not be more right!

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Gareth O'Neill Photography said...

Haha, this is actually a pretty good advertisement for little toy cameras. Makes me think again about buying one for the kids.

Catherine B. Bridges said...

Wonderful video clips . Like this much much .