Here are some Monday iPhone and iPad deals...

Here are a few items for your iPhone and iPad I thought you might be interested in, as they are all on sale and come with free shipping as well.

Most of them are under $10, and all but one is under $20.

First, the iPhone:

G Design iPhone Tripod Holder for the iPhone 3G/3GS and 4/4s - $7.99

Kungl iPhone 4 & 4S Pro Tripod Adapter with Case, Black - $19.99

Drop it MODERN Snap iPhone Case in white, black, or wood grain - $14.99

Steadicam Smoothee for iPhone 4/4S - $129

Second, the iPad:

Built Travel Pack for iPad 2, Graphite Grid Sleeve with Black Smart Back - $9.99

Built Travel Pack for iPad 2, Rain Drop with Clear Smart Back - $9.99

The Joy Factory SmartFit2 Smart Cover for iPad 2 & 3, Smoke - $4.99

MountMe Freedom Mount II for iPad 2 with Pan 360deg and Tilt 90deg, Black with Black - $19.99


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Dorothy L. Biddle said...

iPhone brand is my favorite . Like this post . Cut Out Image

Robert Smith said...

This is really so cool. I also love to use iphone