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I have an outstanding deal to share with you at the end of this post, but don't delay because it expires on October 31st.

But more on that in a minute.

I don't think anyone (or anything) has been written about on this blog more than (or as much as) Kevin Kubota, I have attended his seminars, interviewed him, raved about his training DVD's, his books, and his image processing tools.

Needless to say I am a huge fan... often referring to his website and all it has to offer as "Disneyworld for photographers".

Today I want to talk about Kevin's most recent educational offering, a three day seminar called "Lightweight Location Lighting".

During the 3 days Kevin walks you through multiple challenging on location photo shoots while using the simplest of lighting tools.

Those simple tools are Speedlight's, flashlights, diffusers, with few DIY tools sprinkled in as well.

Instead of trying to cram all the information about the different shooting situations and topics covered each day I am going to suggest that you following this link to the seminar page, it will cover the details from each day far better than I could here.

But what I am going to do is show you just a few images that demonstrate the results achievable using the tools and techniques taught by Kevin in this seminar and you'll be so intrigued that CreativeLIVE will be your next stop

Here is an image shot with just two flashlights, one in front, the other in back. It doesn't get much simpler than this.

Actually it does, here is a maternity shot, lit with just a single flashlight!

In this next image Kevin was trying to achieve the look of a moonlit, romantic couple shot, I think he hit the nail on the head.

Here is the setup, which I think was the more gear used in any other setup over the three days.

The reflection behind the couple is actually the sun and the shot was achieved by using a variable ND filter, three Speedlight's to light the couple from the front, gels, and the sun in the background.

By using the ND filter Kevin was able to "knock down" the sunlight (lowering his shutter speed and making the Speedlights more affective), the ambient blue color was achieved by setting the cameras white balance to tungsten, and by putting tungsten sticky filters over the Speedlight's the couple were lit "correctly".

What you will get from Lightweight Location Lighting is over 13 hours of education that will cover on location shooting, setups using low cost (and DIY) gear, how and where to use reflectors, diffusers, along with something I haven't even touch on, post processing in Lightroom and Photoshop.

Not only does Kevin know these techniques inside and out, he can teach it so no matter what your skill level is you won't be lost or board.

And here is where the deal comes in, if you use the code "KEVIN2012" at checkout you will get the seminar for 33% off the list price!

The coupon code "KEVIN2012" does expire at the end of this month (October 31st), so you have just three days left to save some serious money on an outstanding learning tool.

Trust me, I know $99 is nothing to sneeze at, but the money you will save in lighting gear alone will far exceed what you will pay for Lightweight Location Lighting. That doesn't even touch how much it will expand your skill set.


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