Get a 50% off SmugMug, seriously!...

Yes seriously, you can signup for your SmugMug account and receive a 50% discount off the price of any of the memberships.

There are two small rules for qualifying for this huge discount.

1. It has to be a new SmugMug account

2. You need to sign up for SmugMug buy downloading (and signing up with) their "Camera Awesome" app for iPhone or Android

This means you can get an annual account for as little as $20 for the basic plan (usually $40) or move all the way up to the full blown Pro account for $150 (usually $300).

You can check out all four levels of membership that SmugMug offers here.

So sign up for your account with the "Camera Awesome" app and then get the membership level that is right for you.

And yes, I use SmugMug.

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Nikolay said...

I never used SmugMug previously but now after reading your post I'm thinking to give it a try, it look quite interesting photography app.