Check out these 4 photography deals...

Here are four deals for photo gear you might find both interesting AND useful.

Each one comes with free shipping.

A Kata GDC Series R-101 Small Rucksack that has lots of room for a body, lenses, a flash (or two) and your laptop for over 50% off - just $49.95

This Tiffen 77mm Variable Neutral Density ND Filter is always a popular item, it lets you go as low as two stops and as high as 8 stops and is on sale for - $149.95 (this is similar to the kind of filter used in our Scott Kelby long exposure tutorial)

The last deals we have for you today is the between two memory cards, a SanDisk 32GB Extreme Compact Flash memory card (60MB/S read/write, UDMA enabled) - $77.95

Or a Lexar 32GB Professional 400x Compact Flash memory card (60MB/S read/write, UDMA enabled) - $69.95

1 comment:

Miguel Palaviccini said...

I've been looking for a 32 GB Lexar Pro 1000x. Let us know if one of those goes on sale! :)