2 light mobile studio from David Hobby...

I did my daily check of Strobist even earlier than usual this morning, I wanted to see if Mr. Hobby would be dancing and singing about his home town team winning the Super Bowl last night and found something even better (actually anything would have been better as my team lost to his for that precious Super Bowl ticket).

What I found was the second part of his two part series on shooting portraits on location with a mobile studio.

Two Nikon SB800's, two light stands, two modifiers, and some white paper, it could not get much simpler.

And is yet another example on Strobist of the kind of results one can get from just a little gear and a little thinking.

So I (strongly) encourage you to head over to Strobist and read both articles:

On Assignment: Cheap Portable Studio - Part 1

On Assignment: Cheap Portable Studio - Part 2

And after you finish reading them be sure to bookmark Strobist (if you haven't already) because it is the best resource on the web for lighting with a small flash, doing it on the "cheap", and DIY information.


Elsie M. Harris said...

This capturing and lighting systems are looks excellent .

Robert Smith said...

It's an awesome post. I was really enjoying this. Thanks