Doing the right thing, more to "feel good" about...

This is a story that centers around a football game but really has nothing at all to do with football.

The real story is about a community trying to heal, a young man turning his life around, and what happens when they collide.

"Thamail Morgan took the kickoff and headed up the field.

He was at the 20 ... 30 ... 40

He had been avoiding, dodging or just simply running through tacklers along the way. By the time he hit midfield, only open space was ahead of him. The two-time Arkansas all-state player was headed for a touchdown.

40 ... 30 ... 20

He glanced at the clock and saw the final seconds ticking away. He realized his team, Cave City, was on the way to a victory over Yellville-Summit, comfortably ahead, 34-16. He also realized two other things: This wasn't an ordinary game. And he wasn't the same Thamail Morgan.

When he reached the 2 yard line he stopped, took a few steps back, and then took a knee at the 5-yard line."

And with that the game was over.

Sure, now you know how it ends, but you'll want to read how they got there, just follow this link.


Jason Anderson said...

Sometimes a story just needs t be told, and the message it sends can be quite powerful. This is one of those stories. Kudos to the kid for showing strength and fortitude in the face of adversity. As an old saying goes,"The true measure of a man isn't whether or not he falls, it's what he does after he falls."

Another great story along these lines and with a football theme is here:

It came out last year, but is still worth the read...

Scott said...


That was another good story... thanks for posting it.

I pray for the day that stories like these don’t make the news, because they are the everyday norm.


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