Wrapping up week one...

Week one of promoting your photography business is coming to an end.

We are going to close it out with some additional links on several things we have already discussed.

Several days ago we told you about the free report from PhotoShelter, Google Analytics for Photographers, well they also have two other reports you will want to check out:

1. SEO for Photography Websites - this guide walks you through everything you can do to improve your photography website's search rankings.

2. 2009 What Photo Buyers Want survey - A survey of over 550 of the largest photo buyers share what they love and (and just as important) hate about photographers' websites. This will help you setup your site to catch the attention of the decision makers.

Yesterday we discussed keywording and we have two more resources that will help you be more thorough and efficient performing that task.

Both of these programs were developed of microstock photographers (and both have free versions), but many folks use them just for their keywording capabilities:

1. ProStockMaster - here is the link to their free version, and this link will take you to the "Quick Start Guide"

2. Cushy Stock 2.0 - you will find the "Quick Start Guide" here and the video tutorials here.

Come back next week as it will be chock-full of resources and products that can help ensure your success as a photographer.


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