You just can't make this stuff up...

It's the weekend so I am legally allowed to go "off topic", it says so on the "Blogging Rules and Regulations" handbook.


When I first saw the Snuggie commercial I thought it was a "spoof", a Saturday Night Live skit, especially when the family wore them to the football game.

I mean, really?

Then they had to take it too far by making Snuggies for dogs!

And taking me just to the edge of sanity simply wasn't enough, they had to come out with the "wearable towel" and push me waaay over!

I would pluck out my own eyes so I wouldn't have to see these commercials, but then again I would still be able to hear them.

So when you see me at a football game wearing a Snuggie, know that I have a wearable towel on underneath.

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Beth P. said...

Oh my gosh.

I hadn't seen that and I have no words to describe what I think of it. Well.... maybe ridiculous fits. That doesn't even seem all encompassing, though.

Thanks for sharing!