This is crazy!...

I am on Long Beach Island on the Jersey Shore getting ready to shoot a rehearsal dinner tonight and a wedding tomorrow.

We arrived yesterday to a horrible storm, wind was strong and steady and the streets are flooded.

While checking into the hotel we found out that the beach the wedding was to be held on was washed away by the storm, so folks are scurrying around for a new location.

And things have only gotten worse, the storm continues today, raining just as hard, wind blowing like crazy, and we now have a tornado watch until noon!

The weather is supposed to break by tomorrow morning, let's hope so.

These images were taken with an iPhone as we drove in yesterday, the water in the street outside our hotel is over our ankles.


Photography By Jo said...

Wow! You could canoe down the street... Sounds like a stressful weekend!

Anonymous said...

What an incredibly tough situation both for you and the couple who has been envisioning a gorgeous day for a wedding.