Unattainable beauty...

This video is both interesting and eerie, but mostly, it's sad.

Sad because the message is telling young women (my daughters) that this artificially created women is a standard to which they should aspire.

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Parkylondon said...

Hi Scott. This advert was produced in the UK for the Dove company. Dove has a "real women" campaign, designed to show women that this "ideal woman" is absolute nonsense and is ridiculous. Web address at the end of the video takes you to the Canadian version of the Campaign For Real Beauty. Worth visiting as the intention of the advert is the exact opposite to the one you read into it!

Cheers. Parky.

Scott said...


No, I understood the purpose of the ad (but obviously wasn’t clear with my message).

This is what most women’s products and magazines portray as the norm (which is the sad part), what Dove was trying to convey is that not only is it not the norm, it’s not even real.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by and comment.


Steve G Bisig said...

Thanks for posting this. I immediately had my daughter view the video.

I was thinking along the same lines on Friday while at the mall with my wife. The mannequins the stores use are no way realistic to actual people.

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half blind said...

I just started to realize that almost every image we see in advertising is processed and has an agenda. This is quite startling.