One last thing about fonts...

One of our kind readers sent this "flow chart for finding fonts" to me this weekend.

In the past when I have been looking for a project specific font it has been a matter of starting at the top of the (very) long list of fonts on my computer and looking for the one that best fits. I think it's called "hunt and peck".

Well, this flow chart starts out with of different project titles/types, you simply select the kind of project you are working on and then follow the line answering a series of "yes" or "No" questions until you land on a suggest font style.

I tried a couple different projects and liked the results, in the future this will be a time (and frustration) saver.

You can click on the image below (which will open the poster in larger and in a new window), then right click and "save as" to have on your computer. You can also find it here with the story of its design (and designer Julian Hansen).


Kirk said...

This flow chart makes my head hurt

Scott said...

And don’t take you finger off the line or you’ll have to start back at the beginning!


Thanks for commenting.