PaintShop Pro X3 on sale this week...

Through the end of this week (May 8th) you can buy the latest release of PaintShop Pro X3 from Corel at Staples for just $49.

I know some of you may look down your nose at this, even though I have CS4 (and am anxiously waiting for CS5 to hit my door step) there are times I want to do some quick and simple editing and PaintShop Pro fits the bill nicely.

Plus, you may be new to photography (or editing) and don't want to take out a second mortgage to get Adobe Photoshop, well PaintShop Pro X3 is a more than adequate alternative.

Below you will find an intro video showing some of the features new to X3. You can also head over to the PaintShop Pro X3 YouTube channel where they have 44 new videos that demonstrate X3 features, tips, and techniques.

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