Check out this landscape photography, seriously...

Not sure exactly how I came across the website of landscape photographer David Herreman, but I am sure glad that I did.

If you don't shoot landscapes it's hard to appreciate just how hard it is, you are presented with this vast expanse with almost zero control.

"Hey you, big oak tree, a little to the right please" just doesn't work.

But when you come across a photographer who does know how to shoot landscapes the results are stunning.

We all have different standards for what makes a good landscape photographer, my standards are pretty simple, "would I hang that on my wall?".

I would gladly hang David Herreman's work on my wall.

I have included four samples of his work here (click on any of them to view larger), and I am sure you will want to see more, so head over to David's website or over to 500px to get an eyeful.

Just sit back and enjoy the scenery.


Stephen Henry said...

Well captured and maintained the deep colour of the sky and interesting cloud formations..beautiful.

Kostadin Luchansky said...

Hi and thank you for sharing this with us! Amazing landscape shots! If you like this, I'm sure you will also like the landscapes from Angola (a very unexplored African country, photography wise speaking). By the way, this is the only site with a bunch (500 approx) quality photos from Angola. See for yourself at and check out the Facebook fan page for the most recent shots at
Thank you and keep up the great blog!

Miguel Palaviccini said...

Just bookmarked David's site. Amazing stuff!

Jodi Renshaw said...