Some great deals on photo goodies...

Here are a few things you can get at a great savings and with free shipping:

A Kata MiniBee-111 UL Backpack at half price - just $149.99

Flashpoint Universal Swivel Holder - $9.95

Dimmable 160 LED Light for Nikon and Canon - $49.95

Visible Dust Mini Quasar Sensor Loupe - $49.95

Two-Way Tripod Mount DiffCase - for iPhone 4/4S in Red, White, or Black - $34.95

Flashpoint Video Shootskate Kit for iPhone - $80

PerfPower EZ Boost Portable Mobile Charger - $9.95


Miguel Palaviccini said...

I KNEW you would have some great deals on this blog. Unfortunately, I on knew it a couple of days late :(

Jodi Renshaw said...

Anything here that you would highly recommend? The LED light set up?