It's now or never on this memory sale...

I just got an email from Adorama and the memory below is on sale (with free shipping), but the catch is. it's for today (5/8) only.

So here are the options:

SanDisk 16GB Extreme PRO SDHC Memory Card, 95MB Read Speed
Reg 59.95 Spec 44.95

SanDisk 32GB Extreme PRO SDHC Memory Card, 95MB Read Speed
Reg 119.95 Spec 77.95

SanDisk 64GB ExtremePRO SDXC Memory Card, 95MB Read Speed
Reg 239.95 Spec 144.95

So if you are reading this on Wednesday it's probably too late, these prices are good for 5/8 only.


David R Martinson said...

It's a bummer, because by the time the post gets emailed out and to me, the sales are over. You sent it yesterday and it came to me today :(. Adorama should give you a healthy heads up on things like that.

Scott said...

Sorry David...

I did not get the information until early afternoon (the day of the sale) and posted it as soon as I got it.

But I am going to pass your comments along as it would be nice to get a bit of an advance notice.