The incredible photographable egg...

At the risk of making it look like I live under a rock, I saw this video for the first time just a few days ago.

I though it was a brilliant and extremely simple (1 egg + 1 light) way to see (and experiment with) how light impacts your subject.

I would make two suggestions (that will make more sense after you watch the video):

1. Once you find a spot where you like your light, bring in a second flashlight and see where the best place to put your fill light.

2. Because an egg is a pretty flat surface (nothing on the subject that would cast a shadow), you might want to consider an artist mannequin which you can get for under $10.

(is it me or does this guy look like he is saying "what' what!")

If you click on the above image it will take you right to this product on Amazon.

Not to fear, the video is less that 4 minutes long, so go ahead, dig in, have some eggs and learn some light.


SA Perillo said...

Nice video! I've always been a photography lover ever since, I love everything from nature, wildlife and portrait. I am an Athletic Trainer by Profession but always had a keen Interest in photography. The main focus of my business recently has been strength in wedding photography.

Miguel Palaviccini said...

I once thought that it would be a good idea to buy a whole bunch of tiny subjects (like GI Joes) and light them with tiny light (which are much more affordable than speedlights). Never did it though. This seems like a great idea to practice your lighting!