Thursday, July 26, 2012

More great images from our readers...

Here are some more great images that our readers (and listeners) have uploaded to our Flickr group.

None of these images needs comment on as they are stunning and speak for themselves, that being said, the very last image ("Lock The Bridge") has a great background story and you can read it here.


CavaLars said...

thanks for share my pic!

Photography and Opinions said...

Do you use a lot of Photoshop on your pictures or do you leave everything natural,and if you do use Photoshop,what do you add on your pictures?

Scott said...

Most of my editing is done in Lightroom and (for the most part) I do very little, it usually involves white balance/color correction, on occasion I will do color enhancing or add a vignette, the “biggest” thing I do is black and white conversion.

I will also do blemish removal in senior portraits.

Other “non-editing” editing I will do is to remove spots from a dirty camera sensor or if there is an object in the image (like a fire hydrant) I will take the image into Photoshop and remove it.

But if you get it right “in camera” editing is fast, easy, and minimal.